PES 2016

A soccer simulation game available for Windows and other operating systems

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  • Category Sport
  • Program license Paid
  • Works under: Windows 8.1
  • Program available in English
  • Program by KONAMI

Explaining the improvements in PES 2016 can be somewhat of a challenge because the improvements do not lend themselves to something snappy, and it can be difficult to point to a single change that was made that will make a difference. Instead of big improvements, PES 2016 is the type of game that has been improved in dozens of small ways, and they have all had an accumulative and positive effect. With the arrival of the 2016 game, PES has changed what remained of the PS2-era gaming, and they have delivered a much faster and more fluid game of football.

Comparing it to FIFA

In general, it can always be iffy comparing this to FIFA because the two games handle in distinctively different ways. FIFA creates a more accurate depiction of the sport while Pro Evo does a better job at capturing the feel of the game. With that in mind, should you choose PES 2016 or FIFA 16? With the utmost certainty, Konami's latest football game plays faster paced than the EA rival FIFA 16. In fact, it does a better job at comparing and capturing the actual flow of the game. If you think quickly, you will be rewarded, and if you play clumsy, it will be punished.

When it comes to the graphics, however, PES 2016 pales in comparison to FIFA. This year's PES has chosen to use the same FOX engine that could be found in Metal Gear Solid 5. With that in mind, you have superior detail, more fluid animation and better lighting. This has given Pro Evo a better edge than its rival. Those who are overly critical might complain about the grass looking too flat or the effects of the footfalls on wet turf being too unconvincing. With that in mind, the cloth dynamics and players' skin has never looked better in a PES game, which is definitely one aspect that has moved forward. In fact, the ball animation and ball physics cannot be beaten by FIFA 16. It's a close tie, but you have to take the claims that PES 2016 stomps FIFA this year with a grain of salt. It depends on what you are looking for in your football game.

Delivers a Real Match Atmosphere

While Pro Evo has started to gain some momentum in delivering a match that has a more realistic atmosphere, it still lags behind FIFA in some areas. For example, the commentary from Jim Beglin and Peter Drury are almost adequate when you look at the licensed Champions League teams on the pitch. With other sides, however, it can feel unconvincing, and it will not take you many matches before you realize that there is somewhat generic and repetitive commentary. Other times, the commentary in PES 2016 fails to respond at all. It can be somewhat depressing hearing that the open field is wide open when you are being harried almost mercilessly. Nevertheless, all this stuff will fade into the background after things go right with the pitch.

What Pro Evo Gets Right: Hard to Pinpoint

Because Pro Evo has made so many tiny improvements to the game, it can sometimes be difficult deciding what they got right. It could be the smart controls or the way the ball physics feel. There are also player interactions among each other that help to make the collaboration and game feel more realistic. Sometimes, you almost feel like you can see the personalities of the players based on their playing styles. You will feel surprised at how closely Pro Evo replicates the actual game in terms of gait, pace, ball control and finishing power. In last year's game, the biggest failing that could be found was the unrealistic interactions between the players. With this year's game, Konami has transformed it all into one of their biggest triumphs. While FIFA has excelled at this for years, PES 2016 just raised the bar and took it to another level. You can watch as players fight for the ball or stumble over each other. They have a movement that looks realistic and convincing.

Not Everything is Good

With those things in mind, Pro Evo does not do well in everything. In fact, their biggest weakness is where the new FIFA has proven strongest. That's in terms of defense. At times, the AI in PES 2016 will feel exceptional and tight, but there are other times where it can feel woefully bad. You have times where nobody has scored for 90 minutes. Meanwhile, there are other matches that become end-to-end goal matches. With FIFA, the defense is more consistent and the positioning seems smarter. It can make the game seem less flowing, but there are other times where the scoreline reaches points that would make grown Brazilians cry.

In theory, you could argue that goalkeeping takes a lot more skill with Pro Evo, but that will not make you feel better when your own goalie lets a cheap shot in. In addition, you will not feel happy when he lets shots in that could have easily been stopped. You might not complain when you're the one getting the goals, but it can be real annoying when you lose against a poor online player because of weak AI. However, if PES 2016 has any real issues with the gameplay, that would be it. Luckily, it does not hurt the rest of the game. While Pro Evo still struggles to compare to FIFA's accessibility, match atmosphere and the commentary, there are points where this fantastic football game draws you into the match. If you want adrenaline, tension and excitement in your video game, Pro EVO offers all of that with loads of entertainment value.


  • A lot of Different Gaming Modes
  • Better Controls than Ever Before
  • Moment to Moment Tension Builds up the Game
  • Excellent AI and Physics


  • The Defense AI is Poor
  • Fewer Licenses than FIFA 16
  • A Port of the PS3
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